Wouldn't you like to stop REACTING and start REIGNING?
Jy kan aanvou REAGEER of jy kan begin REGEER!

Our Father is not as worried about our happiness as He is about our WHOLENESS, because He knows that true happiness is a result of wholeness. Over the past 10 years the Lord started teaching us how to experience true HAPPINESS. Our JOURNEY to WHOLENESS was specifically designed to bring us back to the original PURPOSE of our existence: “Rulership and Dominion” – Gen 1:28. We were created as children of the almighty King. We were BORN to REIGN!

Die Here is meer bekommerd oor ons HEELHEID as oor ons geluk, want Hy weet dat WARE, ewige GELUK ‘n resultaat is van heelheid. Oor die afgelope 10 jaar het die Here vir ons begin leer dat Hy ons wil heel maak sodat ons ware GELUK kan beleef. Ons REIS na HEELHEID is spesifiek ontwerp om ons terug te bring by die oorspronklike DOEL waarvoor ons geskape is: “HEERSKAPPY” – Gen 1:28. Ons is geskape Koningskinders, gebore om te REGEER!


The Word of God

Stay in the Water

The other day I was taking a much needed ‘time-out’ and I spent it relaxing in the bath. After an hour or so I started

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Journey to Wholeness

The very first thing that the Lord shows us, is our  brokenness and through His WORD, Jesus Christ, He cleanses us and makes us Whole. Only through WHOLENESS can we find true, lasting Happiness and do we get to a place where we start to REIGN instead of REACT. 


H2O stands for How to Obey. One of the most important things we learn on our Journey to Wholeness, is to hear His VOICE and to OBEY Him at all costs. It takes a long time to learn to hear and then to interpret what God is trying to tell us. Just like a child learning to talk.

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Only once we came to a place of  relative WHOLENESS, can we begin to RULE and REIGN as per His original plan for our lives. Now He can trust us and send us out to live out the very PURPOSE that He created us for. This is the only thing that truly fulfills us.

My purpose, is to help you find yours!

In 2011 I was anointed as an Apostle of Jesus Christ. He has called me to preach the GOSPEL of the KINGDOM, equipping the Bride of Christ to grow from brokenness to WHOLENESS through FAITH and the WORD of God, Jesus Christ. (John 1:1)
My only desire is to lead people to Christ and teach them to hear His VOICE.
This is our time to REIGN!

Heelheid help ons om te REGEER in stede van REAGEER! Wanneer ons heel is, kan ons produktief begin wees in die Koningkryk van God.
Charlene Moutinho
Charlene moutinho

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